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**** List your home(s) for free! ****

We list properties free* of charge to landlords. *Conditions apply.

  • SLPM Ltd trading as HomeAds saves you time and money, bypassing much of the marketing and interviewing required for you to choose your tenants.
  • We also provide a free* credit checking facility for landlords that accept our tenants. *conditions apply.
  • We can assist you in the supply of or preparation of tenancy documents if required.
  • We can assist by arrangement and agreement with showings and pre tenancy applications if required. 
  • We advertise a variety of homes daily to generate a continuous flow of tenants who are looking for all types of accommodation. Our clients are then referred to you for your approval. You maintain control of who you choose to be your tenants at no cost to you.
  • Listings or on our site and on www.realestate.co.nz are run at no cost to you. Trademe ads are run at our discretion or a paid marketing arrangement nominated by the listing party at the time of listing placement.
  • We record details from you such as how much bond and rent you require, whether references are needed, restrictions on pets and smokers, and the maximum number of tenants you will permit- thereby eliminating most unsuitable prospects.
  • Please note that children fall under the Human Rights Act and cannot be discriminated against. We are also unwilling to discriminate on issues of race and religion or any other HRA issue.
  • If your property is let immediately, and they often are, a phone call or email notifying us that your property has been let will mean further enquiries will cease almost immediately.
  • Our service is free* and you maintain control.

If you have a property available for rent and you would like to list it with Homeads please go to "List a Property" link (to the left) and submit it to us.